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MysticBr – Portal of Mystique – Dreams, Prayers and Baths

Welcome to MysticBr! On this site we will help you to explain the meaning of everything that surrounds your life. We are a group of people dedicated to knowledge and on our website you can find prayersthe dream sense you had and even find meaning in your life through numerology.

Below we will guide you through our website, but before you start you can use the search engine below to find what you are looking for:

Dreams meaning

Did you wake up in the middle of a dream? Are you worried about what that might mean? In this first section we will explain why you are dreaming about these things and what they mean for your life.


If you want to seek the divine miracle, you can turn to the following prayers, either to help yourself in your life or to help a friend/family member. You can also pray for people who are no longer with us.

unloading baths

In the last section we will talk about the unloading baths, how they can be used to cleanse your body of negative energies and how to prepare them.


You can use your knowledge of numerology to make sense of the context of your life through numbers. Here are our best reviews:

And there goes our navigation guide! If you have any questions, you can use the contact form to request more information or ask us a question.